Dragons of Kir has been a game long in its making. It was started in 1990 by creators Dove Byrne and Jason Conkey with ink and paper as a strategy game firing lasers at one another across a board. The game was one of many, and after many iterations reached the point of needing a true prototype and play testing.

After much play testing and revision the game was ready for a broader audience. Darter was created. Jenna and William Byrne, created 1iproductions to bring the game to a broader audience and Colin Byrne, Jacquelin Byrne, and Bowen Comings were brought on board, (a gaming family in the making for many years) and the first abstract strategy game from Future Magic Games was in produciton. Twenty-five hand made wooden sets were created and Darter was premiered at GenCon SoCal in November 2004.


After much interest was generated a new version of Darter was created. Dragons of Kir. Dragons of Kir took the game mechanics of Darter and improved upon the game both in playablilty as well as design. Dragons of Kir was premiered at GenCon SoCal 2005.

Dragons of Kir - 1st Edition

When we realized that interest was growing and after Darter won the 2006 Origins Vanguard Innovative Game Award at Gama, we geared up to produce Dragons of Kir on a large scale.

Dragons of Kir - Box Edition

Jonathan Stroh came onboard and with New Artwork, improved rules, and a new package Dragons of Kir premiered at GenCon Indy 2007.

Dragons of Kir - Warlords Expansion

Following on the success of the Boxed Edition, the Warlords expansion opens the game to 3 and 4 players. We were excited to return to the handmade wooden pieces that the game originated with and again Bowen Commings produced the dragon artwork for the metal stamp woodburned onto the pieces. The wooden expansions are available for purchase on the website.




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