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The Battlefield
The game is played on an 8x8 grid. An important feature of the battlefield is that there are no edges. All four edges wrap around, creating a continuous field of play.

The Dragons of Kir
Four Dragons of Kir have been set loose and are wreaking havoc on the land. Each turn they advance. Dragons are the only pieces that move in the game. When a dragon would move off the board, place it instead on the opposite side of the board facing in the same direction.

The War Tents
Each player has a war tent on the battlefield, which must be protected from the Dragons of Kir. War tents do not move and are vulnerable to a dragon attack from any side.

The Tiles
There are fourteen different tiles in the game, and four of each tile. Tiles are used to control the Dragons of Kir. There are three types of tiles: Impact Tiles, Proximity Tiles, and Dragon Tiles.


1. Determine who will play first. The same player will play first each turn.
2. Place one dragon, facing counter-clockwise in each of the four squares marked with a
3. Place the war tents in opposite corners of the battlefield.
Advanced Play: beginning with the first player, strategically place your war tent on the board.
4. Arrange all of the tiles face down next to the board. Each player draws a hand of four tiles.
Keep the tiles in your hand concealed from your opponent.


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