"...These guys obviously figured out their game inside and out, looking
at every permutation and polishing everything until it became an elegant
work of design."
- Daniel Solis

"This was my pick for Surprise Hit of Gencon:
Dragons of Kir. Holy hell this game is awesome. It's the most fun
2-playergame I've played in a long time... ...All the fun parts of Tsuro
(fastness, ease of learning) and the logic-fun of Robo Rally, and the
instructions are so tight that we could not find, in play, a time where
we didn't know what to do ("What happens if a dragon hit two Area
Effect tiles at once?", etc) where the rules did not address it...
It leaves your palate so clean you can play 3-5 games in a row (as I did)
and not feel bogged down or overwhelmed... hands-down awesome,
I recommend it to just about anyone. Keep your eyes out for this one."
- Andy Kitkowski

"...It's a deceptively simple game whose premise is novel at first, but
five minutes into a game you'll find yourself riveted by the
possibilities of what will happen next. "
- Christopher Melkus

"Dragons of Kir is a fun, well-designed quick and easy little 2 player
game. I'm hooked."
- James Brown

"My personal "Best of GenCon" award goes to Dragons of Kir. "
- Ira



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